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photo courtesy Reuben Condie
The TC Lewis Organ

The TC Lewis organ in Cullercoats has 26 speaking stops spread over 2-manuals and pedals. It is the only unaltered Lewis organ remaining in the Newcastle Diocese.


Great Organ
16 - Bourdon
8 - Large Open Diapason
8 - Small Open Diapason
8 - Salicional
8 - Lieblich Gedact
4 - Octave
4 - Flute Harmonique
2 2/3 - Twelfth
2 - Fifteenth
IV - Mixture
8 - Clarionet
8 - Trumpet

Swell Organ
16 - Lieblich Gedact
8 - Geigen Diapason
8 - Rohr Flute
8 - Viole de Gambe
8 - Voix Celestes
4 - Geigen Principal
2 - Flautina
8 - Oboe
8 - Horn

Pedal Organ
16 - Open Diapason
16 - Sub Bass
8 - Octave
8 - Bass Flute
16 - Posaune

Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal

The Organ and its history

The organ was built by Thomas Christopher Lewis in consultation with William Rea, the Newcastle City organist, and was dedicated a mere three months after the consecration of the church in February 1885.
It stands in the South Transept, directly under the tower, facing North, with a generous amount of free space around it. From this position, its commanding voice can be heard in all parts of the building without loss of impact, even with a full congregation.
It is a substantial instrument, built in Lewis' grand style with Swell behind Great on the same level and Pedal on three unit chests behind and alongside the manual divisions.
There is no facade casework, although the front pipes appear to have been laid out to receive one, the lower part is panelled in oak. The console is central in the case and is 'en fenetre'.
The action to manuals and drawstops is mechanical; the pedal action is pneumatic. A Discus blower feeds the main bellows which can still be raised by hand.
A Full restoration of the organ was carried out in 1987, by Harrison & Harrison of Durham.

More on TC Lewis Organ Builder

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